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Upscale Galerie

With my project Kvartirka I visualised memories of my childhood in Eastern Europe. I spent the first four years of my life with my grandparents in a typical Soviet-era Khrushchevka (five-storey apartment flat). Such a 1960s flat was an early attempt at industrialised and prefabricated construction, with panels made in concrete factories and transported to the building site.

A Kvartira (flat) within a Khrushchevka had a total area of 44 m2. Due to prefabricated construction, all Kvartirkas (flats) looked exactly the same inside. As a result, when you visited your neighbours, you always knew where their kitchen, bathroom and bedroom were. Based on my memories and the family photo archive, I recreated my grandparents' flat within the Upscale Galerie.